Where are the trees!?

This project is about deforestation in Romania, more exactly in the Apuseni Mountains. Deforestation is one of the major problem in Romania because of the corruption.
In Romania, the area covered by forests has decreased dramatically in the twentieth century: if in 2000 the forests covered 34% of Romania, today in 2016 have been reduced to 28.9%. Thus, we are well below the EU average of 32.4%.
Romania has the most important forests in Europe in terms of biodiversity, size, intact landscapes and has the largest area of virgin forests in the EU and we need to keep it that way.

Trees are essential to life on Earth, trees help to provide us the very air we breathe and provide essential services to humanity. Trees contributes to the physical and spiritual welfare of man through: production of oxygen; carbon capture; purification and water retention; protection against floods, erosion and landslides; supporting and protecting biodiversity; production of wood, fiber, biomass; participating in defining cultural identity and spiritual values; providing the framework for recreation etc.

If we do not take action, trees will not be here to stay, the trees will be gone forever.
We need to stop illegal deforestation and we need to start afforestation.